About TES

Total Envirotech Solutions is an Environmental Engineering and Trading Company in Bangladesh. TES has opportunity to supply different types of ETP Machinery & Equipment, Safety Equipment, Biofloc Fish Farming Equipment Etc.

ETP Machinery & Equipment: We have scope of supply different types of Nano Bubble Air Diffuser, Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter, Wastewater Transfer Pump, Mud Pump, Sewage Pump, Effluent Transfer Pump, Chemical Dosing Pump, Acid Dosing Pump, Screw Press Machine, Filter Press Machine, Automatic Chemical Dosing System, Air Blower, Vortex Air Blower, ETP Blower, Mechanical Drum Screen, Rotary Brush Screen, Mechanical Bar Screen, Online DO Monitoring System, Online pH Monitoring System, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Laboratory Equipments (DO Meter, pH Meter, TDS Meter, Conductivity Meter, Salinity Meter, Jar Tester, pH Test Strip, Temperature Meter, Incubator, Digital balance etc.)

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