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Total Envirotech Solutions is Largest Importer & Supplier for Emergency Eyewash Station in Bangladesh. According to the demand of Compliance to industrial workers safety from acid,chemical, alkali etc. You must install Eye Wash Machine to wash face for remove acid, chemical & alkali from our face. Many others factory already installed Eye Wash Station by purchasing from us. Eyewash Station widely used in Textile, Garments, Food & Beverage, Leather Processing, Pharmaceuticals etc. and where using acid, chemical & alkali.
We Supply, Emergency Eyewash Station, Emergency Safety Shower, Emergency Eyewash Station with Shower, SS Eyewash Station, SS Safety Shower, Portable Eyewash Station, GI Eyewash Station, GI Emergency Safety Shower, Wall Mounted Eyewash Station, Pedal Type Eyewash Station, Pedal Type Emergency Safety Shower Etc. in Bangladesh.
Total Envirotech Solutions is an Importer and professional supplier for Emergency Eye Wash Station & Safety Shower in Bangladesh.